june 6, 2014

2014 Project-Based Learning in RIKUZENTAKATA Summer Program--Working with Social Enterprise to Support 311 Disaster Recovery Now Open for Application

  • Organizer Center for Global Human Resource Development, Rikkyo University
  • Prior Sessions July 5, July 12, August 2, 2014 Ikebukuro Campus
  • Field Trip August 3 - 7, 2014  Rikuzentakata, Iwate
  • Reflection Sessions  August 8, 2014 Ikebukuro Campus

Program Overview

This program aims to offer an opportunity for both Japanese and international students at Rikkyo to work closely with SAVE TAKATA, a social enterprise rooted in one of the 311 disaster-hit cities Rikuzentakata in the north-east region of the country. Program participants divided in teams will learn about the actual problems and issues facing SAVE TAKATA and the city of Rikuzentakata and will be requested to come up with a final solution to one of them.

The program will mainly consist of a field trip to the city of Rikuzentakata, lectures and workshops before, during and after the trip, and a formal presentation of the final solutions. Participants are expected to share the situation and issues of the disaster-stricken districts as well as their experience with Rikuzentakata to more people home and abroad.


Participants will

  • collect first-hand information and deepen understanding of the current situation and issues of the disaster-struck areas; enhance sense of civic responsibilities through hands-on experience in supporting recovery efforts. ・gain fundamental knowledge on the administration and management of social enterprises and NPOs in Japan.
  • develop leadership and cooperative skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, intercultural communication, critical thinking and planning by tackling with real-world issues.
  • learn about research methods including observation, interview and information-gathering techniques and put them into test.
  • improve English discussion, presentation and report-writing skills.
  • experience intercultural interaction and immersion both in Tokyo and in rural Japan.

Coordinators and Accompanying Staff

Professor Shigeru MATSUMOTO, Director of Center for Global Human Resource Development
Ms. Akiko TAKAI, Deputy Secretary General, Save the Children Japan
Staff from Center for Global Human Resource Development


Prior Sessions
July 5, July 12, August 2 Ikebukuro Campus
Field Trip
August 3 – 7  Rikuzentakata, Iwate
Reflection Sessions
August 8 Ikebukuro Campus

※Attendance in all sessions are required.

Program Outline


Application Info

Eligible Participants

Rikkyo undergraduate & graduate students, international students

Maximum Number of Participants

15 in total

Language Proficiency Requirement

English: Sufficient to function in academic settings
Japanese: Not required

Application and Selection Process

Ikebukuro Campus June 3(Tues.), 12:30~13:00 (Bldg.1)1202
            June 4(Wed.), 18:30~19:00 (Bldg.1)1202

Niiza Campus June 5(Thurs.), 12:30~13:00 (Bldg.2)N225

Application Deadline

Fill out the application form (available below) and send it to by 17:00, June 13(Fri.), 2014. If you do NOT receive a confirmation email from the center, please contact the office ASAP.

Interview Dates

12:30-13:10、18:30-20:30, June 17-19 (interview length: 40 minutes)

Notification of Acceptance

June 20(Fri.), 2014 (all applicants will be notified individually via email)

Program Fee:17,000 JPY

Included: lecture fees, round-trip transportation from Tokyo to Rikuzentakata and charter bus in Rikuzentakata, accommodations, part of the meals and insurance (volunteer insurance plan).


Cancellation for any personal reason (such as class or part-time job) will not be accepted and program fee is non-refundable once the payment is made.


Center for Global Human Resource Development